Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A welcome post...a little late

Hi everyone! :)

My name is Francisca and I'm studying Archaeology. Last week I was on a field work in Quintero and because of that I couldn't do this welcome post before.

In this blog, I'll like to tell you about things that I like (like the movie that I post below), a few thoughts..and of course I'll like to improve my english :)

See you in class!
The last movie that I saw at the cinema was “Black Swan” with two friends. It’s a great movie to see, because both the story and the actors. Its movie shows the life of Nina, a dancer played by Natalie Portman, who was chosen to interpret the Queen Swan in the ballet play “The Swan Lake”, and this means that she must dance two roles: the black and white swan.

This situation caused that Nina, who is perfect for the role of the white swan, must fight with a partner and especially herself, against all her fears and insecurities caused by the relationship with her mother.