Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The last one...

When we started with the blog sessions, at first I didn’t like the idea because I thought that I couldn’t do it. But through the semester I started to enjoy it and I realized that my English was better than I thought. When I was at secondary school, the English classes were very poor and we often talked in Spanish about things not related to the class itself… so, I learnt less than I should.
I’ve always thought that all the readings in English that we have to read in Archaeology helped me a lot to improve my English during the last two years, at first as a real challenge. And now, with the blogs I think that I’ve improved more because it’s not only read, but write too (and every week), maybe this was one part that I lacked.
Another reason that I like blogs is because it allows knowing about likes and dislikes and a little bit of the life of our classmates. Many of the stories were very funny, especially those with pics of the moment that it described on the comments.
However, I must to say that there was one thing I didn’t enjoy at all: the classes at 8.30 am!! It was so terrible for me to wake up so early, especially the last weeks that it was so cool and dark hahaha. But the classes were entertaining and the entire group was great. I like that we were a mixture of different careers because besides to improve our English together, we could learn a little about others areas.
Summarizing, I think that the blog sessions’ experience was very good and it helped to improve my English. Blogs was a useful tool in the process of learning a language.
Hope to see you the next semester…