Monday, December 26, 2011


I really love to travel; if I had the money and time, I would like to travel around all over the world. I had visited many places that I wanted to know, for example Easter Island, Peru and Bolivia; but still there are many other places that I wish I could go.

When I was in Peru, I met a German girl and now we are facebook friends. About 2 years ago, she uploaded photos from a trip that she did to Nepal, and when I saw it I loved that place…specially the architecture, it’s really beautiful (at least in her photos).

Although, I must recognize that I don’t know much about this country. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, and if I went there I would like to visit all the Hindu and Buddhist temples and palaces.

An interesting thing that Nepal has is the world’s highest mountain, the Mount Everest, at the Himalayas; its summit reaches a peak of 8.848 meters above the sea level!! If only I had the physical conditions and abilities, I really like to climb it.

Another special characteristic of Nepal is that it’s considerer a multicultural and multilingual country. So, as anthropologist, if I went there I would like to know the diverse Nepalese culture; its religions, traditions and the different ethnic groups that compose its cultural heritage.

I don’t know if I would like to study, work or live in Nepal; maybe if I went there I only would like to stay awhile…or maybe if I loved Nepal, I would want to stay forever and ever.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello! In this post I’m going to talk about a topic that sometimes could be a little bit complicated, but that it’s always around us…love. So, what is love?

In my opinion, love is one of the most important and intense feelings. Of course that love is a concept that can change through time and cultures, but I think that its essence remains. And this essence is what changes everything.

I have a great anecdote related to changes. I have a friend who always said: “I don’t believe in love”. Last year he went to Europe on vacations and he met an American girl; he spent 4 days with her and he fell in love. Then, he came back to Chile, and a few months ago he went to USA to see her. His plan was stay two months or something like that, but instead he changed his ticket and decided to stay until his passport expired. And when he came back to Chile, he told me that he got married!! It was so so unexpected!

So…if my friend could change his thought about love, anything can happen; you know, as The Beatles said… All you need is love.

See you!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My last semester

Hi everyone!

Today I will talk you about my second semester, a special one because this is my last semester as an undergraduate student…finally! :)

First of all, I really expect that this new term will be good, and in particular I hope I will not to be under a lot of stress because of the classes.

On this semester I’m taking the last 3 subjects to finish my career, and I think that the most important is Taller de Investigación, because in this course we have to make a thesis design. So, I look forward to learn to do it well.

This is not my first summer semester; in fact, this is my third summer semester so I think that is not so awful. Furthermore, is a very short term, so I hope that time fly.

These are my expectations for this second semester. I hope you will have a good semester too!

See you on Monday!