Monday, January 23, 2012

In Chile the concern for environmental issues is relatively recent. I think that a few years ago if only you are interesting in this topic you can learn about it, but now the environmentally friendly practices are much more widespread in the society. Now, in many schools has incorporated the environmental topic to its academic planning, and I think that is very important, because children since little can be familiarized with the importance of look after the planet.

I used to be more green than now, but always I try to do what I can. When I lived with my family in a house, we always recycled everything we could, like all the paper, cardboard, plastic and glass, also we had redworms, a special kind of worm that are used for vermicomposting and produce humus –a soil much fertile than compost-, that you can feed them with all your organic residues from kitchen. Another recycling habit that we had was to make ecobricks, a plastic bottle filling of plastic that are used for sustainable construction, and now in my apartment we make it too.

On the other hand, I always try to use my bike or legs, and sometimes I use Transantiago. I don’t have a car and the only option to use one is when I asked to borrow my mom’s car… so, that is unusual.

As I said in classes, last year with some friends we made a vegetable garden at the university, near the Art Faculty. We named our group “Rëngalentun”, which means to dig up in Mapudungun. During 2010 and the first semester of 2011 I took active part in the vegetable garden construction and the activities that we made. But since the strike I must recognize that I abandoned it.

Well…as you can see, I used to be more green than now, but I’m trying to get back to my old sustainable habits…


  1. I love your tips for a sustainable life in a city like Santiago.

  2. Your heart is from a very green person!

    I loved to share the Rengalentun`s experience with you!


  3. I truly congratulate you, for all the thing you does. I hope you back to your habits.